What is Enlight?

Enlight is a collection of articles and tutorials to enhance the process of learning to code. With topics spanning over many languages and technologies, Enlight is the home for everything development related.

Why Enlight?

A couple years ago, I started to learn web development. At first, I ended up taking many courses and reading books learning. However, I learned so many terms, objects, statements, etc. that I couldn’t really implement them. Then, I started to make mini-projects by following tutorials online and scraping through code on GitHub. I believe that the best way to learn is to create. Make something cool. Then, with your newfound knowledge, make it even better. Trust me, you’ll amaze yourself.

Contribute by adding your projects & tutorials!

Enlight is open-source, which means we love contributors! Have a project on the web, a cool app you’re making, or really anything useful? Share your knowledge! It doesn’t have to be a specific programming language, just send us whatever you want to share!

If it’s useful, it’ll be posted on the site with of course, credit to you!

Pull request


If you don’t want to go through GitHub, you can email me your project+tutorial at techboss302@gmail.com

Thank you!

Who runs this thing?

Hey! I’m Samay, the creator of Enlight. Of course, Enlight wouldn’t be complete without our contributors.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any suggestions, opportunities, or if you’d just like to talk! 😎


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